OH DEAR GOD, tell me Republicans are not this stupid!

Yspider20webahoo news report claims Obama intends to name Repub Sen Judd Gregg to his Cabinet for two reasons. To get the Pubs to act more “bipartisan” in regards to Obama’s Stimulus Porkulus Plan, but also to allow the Dem Gov of New Hampshire to appoint a Democrat Senator to replace Judd, thus insuring the Dems a majority of 60 in the Senate. 

Why is controlling 60 seats in the Senate important? A majority controlling 60 seats can block filibusters from the minority and control the Senate. 

The last time a party held 60 or more seats was thirty years ago when Democrats had 61 seats in from 1977-1979.  That was the Jimmy Carter years, for you too young to remember.  The combo of a dufus President and a Democratic majority lead to malaise, stagflation, and the re-emergence of the Republican Party lead by Ronald Reagan in 1980. 

If I, a simple country lawyer, can see what a disaster it would be to allow the Dems to controll the House, Senate and White House, surely those Republican boobs in the Senate can see it too?  Just say now, Senator Gregg. You are too important to us where you are. Unless the Dems want to agree to a deal that a Conservative Republican Senator is pre-chosen to replace you. (Yeah, that’ll happen.)

Yahoo: ….”Obama might be able to soften that resistance [to his pork plan] if he adds Republican Senator Judd Gregg to his cabinet as commerce secretary.” (“Come into my cabinet said the spider-Messiah to the fly”)


“Gregg, a fiscal conservative from New Hampshire, emerged on Saturday as the top candidate, with an administration official saying a decision could come as early as Monday.


“New Hampshire’s Democratic governor, John Lynch, could then name a Democrat to replace Gregg, giving the 60 seats needed in the 100-seat Senate to overcome Republican procedural hurdles and allow Obama a clearer path for key legislation.”

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