A look at the way liberals operate

How polls are worded matters.

What is your opinion on predatory lending and overdraft fees?
I support restricting intrest rates which lending institutions may charge.  33 votes
I believe lending institutions should be allowed to charge whatever the market will bear.  8 votes
I believe high overdraft fees compound the problem unfairly.  28 votes
I believe overdraft fees are necessary to punish people who are irresponsible.  9 votes
I believe banks and lending institutions have helped create this economic crisis and should be better regulated.  40 votes
I believe we should leave the banks and lending institutions alone and let the free market take care of itself.  6 votes

The above is the most recent results of Lowell’s little poll. First, I don’t care who voted for what, or who didn’t. What is instructive to me is the wording of the poll. Look at the wording of the first question. At first thought, who wouldn’t “support restricting intrest [sic]  rates lending institutions may charge?” 

Well, bank Presidents and owners might object, but who else wouldn’t like to force the banks to lend us money at cheaper rates? Heck, let’s legislate that they must pay us more interest on our deposits, too! And how about a new toaster every now and then?

I’ll tell you who might object. Anybody who thinks about it and realizes that if you don’t allow the banks to charge you for screwing up, then they will just dump you if it is not in their economic best interest to keep you, or to loan you money. Let’s see how happy you are when they just say to hell with Lowell, or anybody else, that they decide it does not pay enough to lend their money to.  I am a shoddy book keeper and one of the most irresponsible persons you will ever meet. But you know how much the banks have “cost” me for charging me for writing bad checks in as many years as I can remember? ZERO. If you don’t like the charges made by banks, don’t bounce a check. If you do bounce one, blame yourself, not the bank, dipshit. Don’t like the cost of over-draft protection? Think the effective interest is exhorbitant? Go get yourself a loan at a lower rate and stick that money in your little checking account and leave it there as protection from yourself writing bad checks. Take some personal responsability. Don’t sit back and let this be one more crusade for liberals to save you from the big bad [banks, tobacco companies, big oil, walmart, corporations, environmental disaster, whiney whiney you fill in the blank].

And while the little poll  is at it, it gratuitously blames “this economic crisis” on banks. Yeah, let’s regulate the banks more. Like, oh, I don’t know, let’s require them to lend money to poor and irresponsible people to buy houses that they can’t afford! Forcing banks to lend to poor people  so that they could buy houses! Oh, GREAT DAY! What a simply marvelous idea the Democrats came up with ! Who wouldn’t be in favor of the poor and the irresponsible buying houses? No, wait. We’ve tried that. Democrat politicians been there and done that.  In fact, that is what got us into this mess to begin with.   Lowell, how about a little poll asking people if we should regulate Democrat politicians to make them stop forcing banks to lend to idiots who can’t afford to pay off their mortgages? Let’s have a poll to see if we can force Dems to stop electing Barney Frank to the Senate? That would be a poll that I could support.

4 responses to “A look at the way liberals operate

  1. Your post would make sense if you also pointed out the neo-cons that supported the legislation that removed oversight regulations. Pointing your finger at one party is not only stupid, but it is irresponsible as well.

  2. The bill passed unanimously, with Bi Partisan support. And Bubba signed it, rather than veto-ing it. The bill of which you speak did not get us into this mess, forcing lenders to lend to people who could not afford to repay it (whether they were too poor, or they were rich but over-extended). But thanks for the comment!

  3. “Lowell, how about a little poll asking people if we should regulate Democrat politicians to make them stop forcing banks to lend to idiots who can’t afford to pay off their mortgages?”

    You word the questions John, and I’ll post the poll.
    Fair enough?

  4. And so you know, I don’t believe that loans should be made to those who can’t afford to pay for the loan.

    Let me say that another way, Lending institutions SHOULD NOT make such questionable loans available…

    Lenders weren’t forced to do so, they were allowed to, and they chose to pursue high risk loans.

    The many local banks throughout the country, like the one at which I bank, never bought into the process, and are currently without problems.

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