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IS The Valley Progress on the way out as a RightyBlog?

John Doe handled the situation badly, but apparently David Mastio, the good editor of BNN, is on to the problem now. Let’s hope that David does the right thing. And. Kicks. That. Communist. POS. Blogger. Off RightBlogs. I’m not advocating censorship. Hell, I’ll defend that POS’s right to voice his assinine opinion all he wants. But I won’t support his right to lie about being a “RightyBlog” when as we all know he is a f’n moronic liberal (probably queer) uneducated leech on society.  Please, David, kick his worthless ass out of RightyBlogs!

Headline you wont see: Liberals enlist in droves to fight the war they always claimed we can and must win

From The Ace of Spades: …”the war in Iraq is winding down with few casualties and troops shipping out every month, the war in Afghanistan (which lefties claim to be all gung-ho to fight) is winding up with at least 20,000 soldiers soon to be deployed there, and your boy is now President. Continue reading

Liberals know better than you how to spend your money

They know what you should eat. And drink. And drive. And not smoke. They. Want. To OWN YOU. Philip Klein says it great:

“Liberals believe that the best way to stimulate the economy is for the federal government to spend taxpayer money on pet projects, while conservatives believe it’s better to allow families and firms to keep more of what they earn and that permanent tax cuts are better because much economic planning is done over the long-term. Furthermore, liberals fail to grasp the moral argument for tax cuts. Liberals see tax cuts as inefficient because people who end up with more money may either save it or spend it on something like new Blu-ray players, which wouldn’t be as effective at boosting the economy as government spending, so they argue. But the the fact remains that it’s the taxpayers’ own money, and they should be able to do whatever the heck they want with it. When I argue in favor of cutting the payroll tax, I’m advocating a policy that would increase the take home pay of virtually every working American, whereas when Yglesias argues for more government spending, he’s rejecting the idea of giving such a break to working families, because he thinks, based on newspaper articles and academic reports he reads, that he knows how to spend their money better than they do. As it turns out, history has proven the central planners wrong time and time again.”

Democrats should be ASHAMED of Obama for attacking a private citizen for his speech

Imagine GWB attacking Keith Olberman for something the little piss head said? Or Ronald Reagan attacking Helen Thomas. But Obama attacked Rush Limbaugh and Obama hasn’t even been in office for a month. First, it should be beneath the dignity of the Office to deign to reply to the criticism of a private citizen. Second, it is scary that the President should use the full weight of the Bully Pulpit to try to silence or marginalize a private citizen for expressing his own personal views.

Rush Limbaugh has no power to tax a company out of business. He has no power to exercise the power of Eminent Domain in order to take somebody’s personal property in order to give it to somebody else. He has no power to re-institute the draft, or to permit an unarmed aircraft to bomb persons in Pakistan. He has nothing except the power of pursuasion. This is truly scary. I would oppose any President using their power to try to squash the voice of dissent, any time, anywhere. If any can point out to me where other Presidents have done this before, I would like to know, and to see the error of my ways. But I think this demands a bi-partisan approach to try to stop this. If they can shut Rush Limbaugh up, arguably the most conservative voice in America, they can shut any of us up. And you liberals or moderates, don’t get too smug. They can shut you up too. This issue transcends partisanship.  If liberals don’t speak up, don’t be surprised if you are left dangling in the wind when your side is attacked.

SMASH MOUTH POLITICS is 3 months old

7,777 views to date as of this moment. 423 posts. And I still haven’t been sued for slander or shut down yet!

Update: As of 3/31/09 [5 months] we are up to 21,068 views and growing strong. At this rate by the year 2079 I’ll still have been dead a long, long time.



But I’m workin on that as we speak!

Why I am going to cheat on my income taxes

Because Timothy Geithner did. And Obama nominated him to head the Treasury. And the Senate confirmed him. He’s the smartest man in the USA, the only one capable of understanding the current financial crisis. If cheating on taxes is good enough for him, who am I to say otherwise.  If caught, I’m using the “Geithner Defense:”  Turbo Tax made me do it.

My family believes that either somebody keeps breaking into our house or it is haunted

Scene one: A few months ago, my wife and neice came home at night to an empty house (I was playing poker–hey, it was Saturday night). Once inside, with the dogs and cat downstairs with them, they heard footsteps and a door close upstairs. They rushed outside, and sat in the car. Their futile attempts to pry me away from the card game convinced them to call my friend who came over with his handy .357 to sweep the house. Even he thought he heard something when he got there. My wife swears that she saw a black light flash in our bedroom window (our wireless internet connection could account for that). Spooked friend sweeps house, finds no evidence of intruder or of a way to enter house. I laughed at them and said they are all weenies. Continue reading

Democrats using stimulus package as an excuse to pork us

pork_2007-01-10All you need to know: only $26 billion of the $355 billion in proposed new spending would be spent in the current fiscal year, and only $110 billion would be spent by the end of 2010. And for that meager amount of immediate spending they want us all to bow down and support this “emergency” bill to save our economy. And there is not time to even have a debate about it, wink wink. Continue reading

Who is acting more Christ like?

Coach let’s his girls run up a 100-0 score. Victory is universally reviled on the internet. So coach’s employers call the margin of victory a “shame” and “embarrassment” and plead with the losing team to allow them to forfeit the game.

Coach sticks up for his girls and said they acted classy through out the game and that he would not apologize for the victory as required by his employers. So they fired him.

The girls aren’t to blame. Athletes are taught to play their hardest and to win. The coach probably was blameworthy, but a firing offense? I don’t buy it. His employers are the ones acting un-Christ like in my opinion. Why publicly humiliate him, by calling the victory a shame and an embarrassment? Why  not call him in privately and discuss the matter. Instead, they called him out in public and forced him to apologize, then they fired him supposedly for not apologizing. He likely has a freakin family to support.  

Contrast that situation with a personal situation of mine. Continue reading

More whine from blacks

First they wanted affirmative action in the primary for the Dem Presidential nominee.  Now they want affirmative action for black designers. Hey, buy a clue: if you want Mrs. Obama to wear clothes by black designers, then DESIGN BETTER CLOTHES. 

The Black Artists Association is chiding FLOTUS for not choosing any African-American designers.  They will send a letter to FLOTUS’s office and appeal to her to include items from black designers in her wardrobe.”

As a special bonus for my readers, I have included special picts of some “African-American designers”

Continue reading