Kudos to the Democrat politicians!

I am envious of the representatives that the Democrats elect! I’m serious!  Democrat politicians do what their constituents elect them to do.  No matter how Obama ran towards the center in order to get elected, or how much he perpetuates the facade that he has a “centrist” Cabinet.  No matter what the Dems say who run as conservatives in conservative areas in order to get elected, the Dem constituents just wink and realize it is just BS in order to get elected. No matter how the Dem pols talk about “bi-partisanship” and “can’t we all just get along,” Democrat voters can always take comfort that once their elected representatives get to Washington, they will revert to the pinko faggot- loving, pork ladeling, terrorist coddling, Pro-Murder Choice, anti-morals, Big Nanny State liberals that is the Democratic Party. They vote in lock step (ooops, 14 broke with their party in the vote on the Pork “Stimulus Bill.”  Kudos to the 14, who thought for themselves I should say.) They talk in lock step. They govern in lock step.  Dem voters know it, and they are the luckiest voters in the USA!

Now, the Republican pols, those spineless weasils, they talk the talk back on the election trail, motivating their conservative base to elect them to Washington. When they get there they get that deer-in-the-headlights look when the liberal media asks them about controversial positions taken during the election. On course they hem and haw and explain away their position to be more in line with what the liberal elites consider appropriate.  When it comes to voting, they abandon their conservative principles and cave in to the liberals in the face of–egads! Being called a bickering partisan and a non-bi-partisan Congressman.  And when it comes to governing they turn into the pork ladeling, influence peddling, weak-kneed ninnies that we saw for the six years that the Pubs controlled the House and Senate during GWB’s first years.  In short, they turn into Democrats.  Animal Farm-like they transform into the Democrats that they were supposed to replace.  Then the country suffers, the country rebels, the bastards are thrown out, and the real Democrats take charge again, as happened this last election. And then the Democrats act like real Democrats, not Dem Lights or Dem Wannabes. Then the country really gets screwed.  Yeah, finally the Repub Pols grew some balls now that they are in the minority and they can’t affect the Pork Bill.  Now that it is too late, they start acting like Pubs again.  Now that we are sooooo screwed. God help us.

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