I DONATED $500,000 TO SUPPORT PROP 8!!!!!!!!!

Come git some you faggots. 2

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A federal judge denied a request Thursday to keep secret the names of donors to California’s anti-gay marriage initiative, saying the public had a right to know who gave money to state ballot measures.


Supporters of the Proposition 8 initiative, which overturned a state Supreme Court ruling that allowed gay marriage, had sought a preliminary injunction to remove the identities of those who contributed to their campaign from the secretary of state’s Web site. The initiative was approved by voters in November.


They also had asked U.S. District Judge Morrison England Jr. to block the Monday release of the names of donors who either gave money two weeks before the election or shortly afterward. Those names will be publicly released in postelection campaign finance reports.


But the judge sided with the state, saying that California’s campaign disclosure laws were intended to protect the public and were especially important during expensive initiative campaigns.


“If there ever needs to be sunshine on a political issue, it is with a ballot measure,” England said….

I don’t have a problem with the judge’s ruling, it sounds right. But I do have a problem with faggots trying to intimidate people who did contribute. This is America, you pink wearing butt sniffin AIDS ridden worthless pieces of human excrement. You don’t like it, come see me. I shoot straight and accurate. And I have lots of ammo.

5 responses to “I DONATED $500,000 TO SUPPORT PROP 8!!!!!!!!!

  1. I think those who voted FOR Prop 8 SHOULD “fear retribution” since they voted to harm other families; the stupidity of it all is that NO ONE mentions the real life consequences that DO OCCUR when rights (everyone else deems essential) are NOT in place.

    I know people who have LOST their:
    – child
    – home
    – career
    – ability to work
    – possessions

    THIS is reason enough to put a bullet through someone’s head……as ANY typical HET male would probably do in a heartbeat IF they had a segment of society voting AWAY rights that are civil rights. Religious institutions better stay the F*** away from us in civil law, or else some may decide that their churches need to suffer more harm if they have disposable income to spend on H8-ing MY family. Cause and Effect.

    I used to be non-violent in every possible way; now that I’ve actually EXPERIENCED how marriage IN-equality can affect a life, I’m borderline homicidal. (I said borderline). But I seriously doubt I am the ONLY gay person
    who has been harmed by legal inequity, and am starting to want others to start TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for their actions.

    Families, with and without children, SUFFER due to marriage inequality.

    We have EVERY RIGHT to fight back with all our might when laws and justice itself have both LOST THEIR MINDS in U.S. Law.

    Luckily bullets work for all orientations…

  2. That is pure horseshit John. Gays have EVERY right in California already before Prop 8. And your rights are no better or worse than any heteros. You can marry anyone of the opposite sex who is legally competent and who is not a close blood relative. We don’t discriminate against you any more than we “discriminate” against those who want to marry their dogs, or to marry multiple persons, or who want to marry their children or parents or siblings. You and people like you don’t want equal rights, you want extra rights. You do what you want behind closed doors, but when you start trying to riot in order to have things your way, you run into people like me, who are well armed and not afraid to use em. Queers start rioting around here and burning churches, somebody is gonna get dead, and we out number you perverts, 10-1.

  3. John, You folks have a lot of people you should be mad at if you are going to be mad. I would start with the political party that stabs you in the back all the time. You guys/gals are like battered women. Democrats slap you around and stab you in the back at every turn and it makes you love them more. I used to laugh about it all but I have lost the humor in it lately. Last November you were up against Liberal Politicians, Black voters, The Asian Heritage Coalition, Protect Marriage coalition, California Musical Theatre, Los Angeles Film Festival and many many others. Its very funny now that the media tells you to be mad at Mormons and like sheep you vigorously obey without any common sense.

  4. James, good to see you commenting here. Always welcome.

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