Headline you wont see: Liberals enlist in droves to fight the war they always claimed we can and must win

From The Ace of Spades: …”the war in Iraq is winding down with few casualties and troops shipping out every month, the war in Afghanistan (which lefties claim to be all gung-ho to fight) is winding up with at least 20,000 soldiers soon to be deployed there, and your boy is now President.

“So, um, before you fall back on your old chickenhawk slur…

“Let me preemptively dump it on you sorry pansy-assed chickenhawk fucks. Why aren’t you signing up to fight the war you claim we can and must win, fighting under a President you helped elect?”

Could it be that the left are just chicken-hawks? Maybe if we get rid of “don’t ask don’t tell” those lefties will suddenly become Patriotic? Or if we allow them a special military allowance for tutus and  nylon hose?

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