Democrats should be ASHAMED of Obama for attacking a private citizen for his speech

Imagine GWB attacking Keith Olberman for something the little piss head said? Or Ronald Reagan attacking Helen Thomas. But Obama attacked Rush Limbaugh and Obama hasn’t even been in office for a month. First, it should be beneath the dignity of the Office to deign to reply to the criticism of a private citizen. Second, it is scary that the President should use the full weight of the Bully Pulpit to try to silence or marginalize a private citizen for expressing his own personal views.

Rush Limbaugh has no power to tax a company out of business. He has no power to exercise the power of Eminent Domain in order to take somebody’s personal property in order to give it to somebody else. He has no power to re-institute the draft, or to permit an unarmed aircraft to bomb persons in Pakistan. He has nothing except the power of pursuasion. This is truly scary. I would oppose any President using their power to try to squash the voice of dissent, any time, anywhere. If any can point out to me where other Presidents have done this before, I would like to know, and to see the error of my ways. But I think this demands a bi-partisan approach to try to stop this. If they can shut Rush Limbaugh up, arguably the most conservative voice in America, they can shut any of us up. And you liberals or moderates, don’t get too smug. They can shut you up too. This issue transcends partisanship.  If liberals don’t speak up, don’t be surprised if you are left dangling in the wind when your side is attacked.

4 responses to “Democrats should be ASHAMED of Obama for attacking a private citizen for his speech

  1. You know what this says to our enemies…

    Congrats Libs, you elected a coward. Or at least a cry baby…

  2. Great point, Frankie, one that I had not even thought of and it is probably as important to our safety as the point that I was making.

  3. “I’m not a smart man, but I know what a LIBERAL is”

    Forrest Gump!

  4. Of course, I should have also added, they should be ashamed of electing Obama.

    Besides being a community organizer (HARDY HAR HAR !) what has he done to set himself apart. If they look like fish, they smell like fish, and they think like fish…dammit, they are fish, all together in the same pot with the same little brains pushing the barell to the brink.

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