SMASH MOUTH POLITICS is 3 months old

7,777 views to date as of this moment. 423 posts. And I still haven’t been sued for slander or shut down yet!

Update: As of 3/31/09 [5 months] we are up to 21,068 views and growing strong. At this rate by the year 2079 I’ll still have been dead a long, long time.



But I’m workin on that as we speak!

2 responses to “SMASH MOUTH POLITICS is 3 months old

  1. I liked the gorilla much better than Mickey. Why did you take it down? It was a good post.

  2. It is still there. I temporarily stuck it to the front of the line, then let it go back to where it was, the very first post. I’ll keep using it for my “anniversaries”

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