Is Below the Beltway blogger an idiot?

gulliverYes.  First, Rush is right to hope that Obama fails. We don’t have to sit around and HOPE his liberal policies will succeed. History has proven again and again and again that they fail miserably. Oooooh! Let’s sit around this time and HOPE it will be different! Yeah, that’s the ticket! I don’t want America turned into France or Cuba. I want Obama’s policies to do to America exactly what Carter’s did–cause everyone to run, not walk, to the conservative party. Carter failed because he was an idiot liberal. LBJ failed because he was an idiot liberal. At least Carter’s mistakes only affected America while he was in office.  LBJ’s “War on Poverty” cost us trillions of dollars, and generations of welfare moms raising criminal children, having more criminal children.  Americans made their bed by electing an inexperienced ultra-liberal who will say anything and do anything to get elected. Now, either he breaks all his campaign promises and governs from the somewhere near the middle, or I and all right-thinking persons will oppose him with every breath of our waking moments.

And Idiot Blogger calling out Rush Limbaugh and claiming this is all about Rush wanting the discussion to be about him just cements his  status as idiot. Rush has more patriotism in his little finger than Idiot Blogger Mataconis. Rush has the balls to say what the little idiots don’t. And he’s right. So the little idiot bloggers try to put on their big boy pants and take shots at Rush the Giant. Lilliputions unite!

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