From the Golden Microphone

RUSH:  I don’t run the country.  I’m not trying to tell people to come up with policies that are going to require people to live the way I damn well want ’em to.  I’m not the one coming up with plans telling them what they can do and when they can’t do it, how much they have to give me, Obama, to make sure everybody else is happy.  I’m taking nothing from anybody.  I’m giving nobody anything.  I cannot raise their taxes.  I cannot redistribute their wealth.  I cannot deny people their earnings.  I cannot rearrange society.  I cannot proclaim this group of people unfair and those people need to be gotten even with.  I can’t pick winners and losers in this country.  I can’t tell you that you deserve to lose some so somebody else can win some.  Obama has that power, and, my brother, he wants that power, he wants to be able to pick winners and losers.  

I deal in ideas.  I inspire people to think.  I inspire people to be positive and optimistic because I believe that’s the way life is enjoyed, and that’s the way people get things done.  Obama is inspiring people to sit down and wait for help from Washington.  I already see what has happened to a whole population of people who have been for 50 years, Galen, sitting around and waiting for help from Washington.  Their families are destroyed.  They are single mothers, they are drug-infested neighborhoods in which they live in, and they have no hope.  Because for 50 years they have been sitting around and waiting for help from Washington.  And every four years they complain about the lack of help from Washington arriving.  And the people promising the help from Washington blame it on people like me because we are racist, sexist, bigot, homophobes who are holding those people who need help from Washington back.  I seek no power over people.  I seek people to have and own their own power and their own confidence and their own optimism.  I seek to have people realize that they live in the greatest country on earth and it’s the greatest country on earth because of them, not a single figure, not a personality, not a celebrity, not a single hero.   “This country is an idea that is bigger than any mortal individual.  I can punish nobody. I cannot reward anybody.  I cannot close a prison where terrorists are housed and let them go and call it national security.  I cannot meet with Hugo Chavez or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and claim, in doing so, that I’m making them my friend.  I can’t do anything Obama can do.  I don’t want that kind of power.  That kind of power invested in one person who believes he has it scares the hell out of me.  And you compound that fright with the fact that so many people do not have the guts, the strength, the education to resist the tug of popular sentiment, and we have a nation of lemmings believing lie after lie after lie, myth after myth after myth, liberal idea, failed liberal idea, failed liberal idea after failed liberal idea.  I don’t compel anything.  I don’t try to confuse people.  

“I simply turn on the Golden EIB Microphone and share my honest passions and beliefs with people.  And they’re free to go elsewhere.  They’re free to ignore; they’re free to believe; they’re free to be entertained, I don’t care.  They’re free to do whatever they want.  But a lot of people aren’t free to smoke cigarettes where they want; they’re not free to drink where they want; they’re not free to eat the kind of food they want to eat; they’re not free to eat trans fats; they’re not free to drive certain places.  Pretty soon we’re going to be told what kind of cars we have to drive.  I can’t cause that.  I can’t restrict anybody’s freedom.  We’ve elected a guy who can, does, and wants to, all under the guise of saving us.  So I appreciate the effort, and I appreciate somewhat losing my temper here.  But don’t compare me ever to an authoritarian who thinks so little of people that without him they can barely breathe on their own. Don’t ever do that.”

5 responses to “From the Golden Microphone

  1. why do I feel like that was written about me. I agree with much of what Rush says, with the sincere exception of when he plays racist crap. I am not a racist, no matter what the others think.

  2. I don’t buy that he plays racist crap. The only thing “racist” about his show is that is what the liberals, who don’t listen to him, and take what he says out of context, or intentionally lie about what he says, and claim that it is racist. In twenty odd years of listening, I have NEVER heard him utter a racist word. It is the liberals who are racist, treating blacks as though they are inferior and need special help. Liberal policies keep them “in their place”, depending on handouts from liberals to keep what little they have. Conservative philosophy would lift them out of “their place” and allow them to be all that they could be. But we can’t have that, the liberals say, then they might vote for Republicans!

  3. I was surfing over on O’s web blog and saw that now his supporters are calling on him to separate himself from the guy that gave the speech that had all the race baiting stuff in it (didn’t listen) by calling that preacher a racist. When is the 1st edition of their dictionary due out? That way I can better understand how people like Emmy and Jeremy treat me.

    I agree that I think Rush is not caught up in the race stuff, but everywhere you turn, someone is telling you that Rush IS a racist, just like me. Just because you don’t agree with something I say doesn’t mean you can label me RACIST…like they both do.

    Emmy is fun to mess with cuz she is so blinded by what her downtown friends say around her, she simply can’t get out of the way or she will end up more alone and miserable than she already appears. I don’t understand how her boss allows her to post so much during work. I think maybe she should hook up with Jeremy because they both waste alot of their employers money while blogging. He is screwing the taxpayer by blogging at school and she is giving it to her boss on Market Street.

  4. Isn’t Emmy the one that I called a bitch and Megan and Right Field got their panties all twisted up in knots about it? I call a spade a spade, and a bitch a bitch.

  5. yup, that’s her. Go check out how many posts she is putting up on Megan’s site during the day…Amazing she hasn’t be told to lay low. If she worked for me, she would be gone by now.

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