More support keeping Guantanamo prison open than support closing it

Gallop poll says those in favor of keeping it open out number those against it, 45% – 35%.  And when you couple that with the fact that most of those opposed are idiot liberals who just haven’t thought it through all the way, such as what do we do with those who nobody else will take? Let them live in your neighborhood? We know liberals are great practitioners of NIMBY and as soon as they found out the little terrorists might be movin in next door, their support for closing the prison would evaporate faster than Teddy Kennedy’s support for wind generation of power went poof when they started talking about installing windmills off Martha’s Vineyard. However, the problem is that it is Obama’s base that is so against keeping the prison open, and he did promise them. I can see this going either way.  Hopefully, his suspension of all trials down there for 6 months will placate his base and later he can say, “See, GWB screwed things up. I can’t let them go now, but it isn’t my fault, it’s the prior Administrations fault…” Meanwhile, he might accidentally do the right thing and keep the prison open.  Let’s hope so.

“WASHINGTON, D.C. — While President Barack Obama has signaled he may take action toward closing the U.S. prison Guantanamo Bay during his first days in office, Americans are sending no clear mandate on the issue. Slightly more think the United States should not close the prison than say it should, 45% to 35%.”

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