I REALLY have no problem with Obama

I would much prefer to have a beer with him than McCain. I have always despised McCain since he ran for President against Bush the first time.  He runs around acting like he thinks a person with integrity and honor would act, but he doesn’t have a clue. He ends up looking like a clueless butt-sniffer who just wants to please everybody but he doesn’t quite know how to do it.

Obama is clearly “cool” in the Bill Clinton mode. Chicks dig him, guys envy him. Instead of playing the sax and cheatin at golf,  he works out and plays basketball. He isn’t as good of a liar as Bubba, but he doesn’t have to lie. He just says things, then changes what he says, then changes it again, and the press reports it. The Messiah does not lie, He changes his position as the facts become more clear. I’m gettin a thrill up my leg just writing this. I’m pretty sure the Moslem terrorists will throw down their weapons and join us in a rousing chorus of Kumbayah, Mah Lord as soon as they realize it is finally true. The Messiah has replaced that dastardly GWB who kept pursuing them to the ends of the earth. My 401(K) (or is it my 201(K)?) just leapt at the mere words of OH BAM AH, OH BAM AH, OH BAM AH! I’m pretty sure life will be great and global warming will cease and that Florida will not soon be covered in 10 feet of water. [Darn it. That means my in-laws are safe, but other than that, OH BAM AH, OH BAM AH, OH BAM AH!!]

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