George W. Bush collapses during Inauguration!

Can’t you just imagine the hate filled blogs and MSM cheering and thanking Mrs. God or whatever it is liberals thank if it was GWB who collapsed? Sorry, the only bright spot about January 20th that I saw was that Teddy Kennedy and KKK Byrd had to be taken away in ambulances. I won’t miss them. I think America will be better off when they are no longer Senators. That doesn’t make me bad, that makes me a realist. A fat drunken coward who killed a young lady and then became a hero to the cowardly left. An egotistical KKK member named every bridge and road after himself in West Virginia, and who went on to have a man-crush with the fat drunken coward from Massachusetts. It is men like you who make me proud not to be a Democrap.

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