The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

link_kneepadsThe Good: Obama is using the Presidential Bully Pulpit to great advantage. Even by going around with an obvious photo op painting walls in homeless shelters. GWB was like a hermit living off in a cave or off at his ranch. Sorry, bub, you want the job, then do the job. Don’t sit off on your ass and let your party go to hell. Obama is reaching out to McCain. Might as well, you know the little bastard will do whatever it takes to get back in the lime-light. And in this case it is being Obama’s beard, giving cover to the lie that Obama is really a centrist when he is really a flaming leftist.

The Bad: The Obama elect admin and their willing whores in the MSM are selling the idea that the economy is terrible and only Barack The Magic Negro can save us all from the Great Depression II.  If the idiot liberal Democrats would just do nothing except stay the hell out of the way the economy would rebound, as it always does, in a few months. But by selling this idea that the only way out of this down-turn is for the Obama-lead Government to bail us all out is a damnable lie. It is an excuse for the liberals to gather more power. They are taking money that we don’t have. Somewhere I heard the expression that it is like taking a few buckets of water from one side of a pond and carrying them around to the other side of the pond and dumping them back in and expecting that the pond will rise as a result of pouring the water back in. The pond is our economy, and the water in the barrels is the money that the Government is taking from the economy and dumping back into the economy.  Real businesses and taxpayers are going to have to pay that money back. That is money that they could have spent more wisely creating more products and jobs and more services. 

The Ugly: The liberal media. They fawn over every fart Obama creates. “It smells sweet!” “Very Kennedy-esque!” “Lincoln probably never smelled so good!” The MSM have bought all their employees the Official Presidential Kneepads for the Obama inauguration. And expect them to be put to good use. “More President Obama? May I be of service to you again, sir?”

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