I just learnt some disturbing news

Long story short, a GOOD buddy who died a while back always told me he was a Nam Vet. I recently pulled up his old obituary and it said he spent three years in the Marine Corps with overseas service in Okinawa. It won’t change  how I feel about the guy–he was a bestest bud, but I just want to know, was I duped all those years?  Would any family say something like that when what they meant was he was a Nam Vet? [names and facts have been changed to protect the innocent.] Was I duped all those years?

7 responses to “I just learnt some disturbing news

  1. Don’t think so. Plus, it is hard to believe his family didn’t know where he was, and it is hard to believe that where he was 30 yrs ago is still classified. So unless I am missing something, I can’t see how being RECON would affect anything.

  2. I’ve been fortunate to know some outstanding individuals who were members of Special Forces from the different branches of service.

    Since you were good friends and he trusted you, this individual may have shared things with you that not even his family knew.

  3. Well, that is the most charitable explanation possible…

  4. The Island was Okinawa. I guess that is close enough to Nam to make forays to the fight? He was in the Marines…

  5. Okinawa was a base of operation John.
    I’ve known Recon Marines, LRRPs, Green Berets, Seals… Sometimes, they were asked to take their dogtags off… When we weren’t officially in Cambodia, we had people there for example. I’ve for what ever reason gotten to hear about when an artillery group needed to reconfigure their 155s into an anti-tank role during the Battle of the Bulge, because they were about to be over run. And this guy told me his wife had no idea because he never felt comfortable talking to her about the experience. I’ve been told about recurring nightmares from almost forty years ago about not being there for a fellow grunt right before he stepped on a mine.
    John, you and I might be that one person occasionally, who listens without judgment.
    If that has been you, consider yourself as having been a blessing in your friend’s life. People have different levels of ability to open themselves, and some never really do… How lonely must that be? You may well have blessed that one individual in a way you can’t imagine. Don’t think ill of him now.

  6. I know my father never discussed Korea with me. It could have been the fact that we were drinking buddies, too. Copious amounts of alcohol can sometimes open up a feller to sharing things that he otherwise might not…

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