Would Eric Holder favor pardoning Terry Nichols?

Eric Holder, Barack Obama’s nominee for Attorney General, has said that in his opinion Bill Clinton’s pardoning of FALN terrorists was “reasonable.” Great article by Connie Hair destroys the “reasonableness” of the decision, and calls into question this bozo’s judgment:

“Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) asked Holder if he personally thought that the decision and the ultimate pardon of these terrorists by President Clinton was a wrong decision. Holder defended the pardon.  “The President’s determination was that they had not committed any acts themselves that resulted in death or bodily injury.  And on that basis and given the amount of time that they had served in jail, roughly 16 to 19 years in jail, most had 19 years, and given the length of the sentences they had received it was his determination that the clemency requests were appropriate taking all of that into consideration,” Holder said.

“Sessions then asked, “Do you personally have an opinion whether it was right or wrong?”  Holder replied, “I think that given all that I have described that what the President did was reasonable.”

“That response did not sit well at all with many of the Republican senators but in particular Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.).  I caught up with Coburn in the hallway outside of the hearing and asked him about the Holder response.  “I don’t think that it was in any way reasonable to grant clemency to these terrorists,” Coburn said.  “Terry Nichols didn’t participate at all in the Oklahoma City bombing other than he was part of a conspiracy that allowed it to happen.  But these people [FALN terrorists] allowed it to happen and people died.  People were killed.  Families lost loved ones.  That’s like saying 10 years from now we’re going to let Terry Nichols go.  I hope he rots in jail.  By Eric Holder’s standard Terry Nichols would be free.”

Is it too soon to start questioning the judgment of The Messiah in his choice of person whom he chooses to appoint? Joe Biden. Gov. Richardson. Timothy Geithner. Eric Holder. The list keeps growing… 

2 responses to “Would Eric Holder favor pardoning Terry Nichols?

  1. I sit here and am in awe of just how bad Obama’s decision continue to be. This has all the makings of a really bad dream, only worse, we are become helpless.

    If the Liberals think it was bad under Bush, they have seen nothing yet, although I think they will show support…NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS! They couldn’t turn their backs on The Messss IIIiiiii Uuuuhhh, could they?

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