R. I. P. Andrew Wyeth

ima-w2031Probably his most famous painting. (Though I don’t “get” it.)








And he is famous for a series of paintings of Helga, like this one below.














And for his famous father, N.C. Wyeth, the two above, whose paintings I much prefer. He also has a son who is an accomplished artist, Jamie Wyeth, who did the ones below. HOW IN THE FREAK CAN ARTISTIC TALENT BE PASSED ALONG THREE GENERATIONS LIKE THAT???




5 responses to “R. I. P. Andrew Wyeth

  1. Which painting don’t you get?

  2. in the first picture, the girl had been sleeping nearby when all of a sudden, her parents loaded up the wagon and left to fend on her own…tragic

  3. Yeah, the first one. I never knew that Frankie. I never knew you were interested in art.

  4. The painting was inspired by a neighbour of the Wyeth family in Cushing, Maine named Christina Olson who suffered from infantile paralysis. Wyeth was inspired to paint her as he watched her gazing up at her house from the wide field in front of it.

    Where did you find that answer Frank or were you just kinds guessing?

  5. trying to funny, but in light of the TRUTH, I feel like an ass now. Jokes only work when no truth is involved.

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