Obama is looking at the Geithner situation wrong

This is an opportunity for Obama to show he is a strong leader.  Withdrawing the Geithner nomination would send a strong message: You screwed up? Bam. You’re gone. See I am ethical. I’m not a Chicago thug who rewards loyalty and party affiliation in the face of ethical lapses.

 I have nothing against Geithner. Never heard of him before he was nominated.  I’m not interested in attacking Obama nominees just for the sake of harming Obama. I will attack Obama for anything and everything that he does wrong, though, and not withdrawing his name for consideration as SecTreas is just wrong. The guy cheated, bam, end of story. Doesn’t make him a bad guy, just makes him unqualified to run the Treasury. End of story.

A writer from American Thinker  makes the point far more eloquently than I can:

 “The pending appointment of a person to a position of authority in the new administration, who has questionable personal bookkeeping skills and a cloudy memory for paying taxes, is cause for grave concern in its own right. The citizen -voter-taxpayers might object to such behavior especially at a time when Treasury affairs demand high scrutiny.

“What is worse, far worse, is the appointing authority’s willingness to forgive the indiscretion. That will not be overlooked by foreign heads of state that might challenge the authority of the new commander of our armed forces.

All experience goes to prove that the effective leader must be pitiless toward the disloyal, the careless, and the idle. [Emphasis added.]  The sense of belonging to a picked team is soon lost in an organization where those of questionable behavior are still included.

“Any serious student of history knows that the element of fear is vital to authority and enters largely into the atmosphere of leadership. There are leaders who are loved as well as admired but that does not mean that they have never been ruthless. As their authority comes to be firmly established they may have less need to inspire fear but it was always an element in their previous career.”

Obama, sir, do yourself and the country a favor: withdraw this gentleman from consideration for Secretary of the Treasury.  Don’t wait to see if enough pressure mounts. Get ahead of the train, don’t wait to see which the way the wind blows.  But I doubt it. He probably is thinking he will look weak and feckless for nominating the guy, then verbally standing behind him, and then withdrawing him from consideration when the going got tough.  So, you go behind the scenes and tell the guy to fall on his sword and withdraw himself. Happens all the time. Am I off base here? I’d like to know what the Obamaniacs think.

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