My blog is growing

Over 3,600 views this month (Errr Errr ERRRR ERRRRRRRRR he crowed!). Thank you to all who stop by.  img_0054

14 responses to “My blog is growing

  1. Awesome! Now I have a business question for you. What do you think of the Living Will or do you think I should just have an attorney do it?

  2. I’m probably the wrong person to ask. I don’t have ANY will. I was offered a free one several times. I’d talk to an attorney who specializes in wills and estates. Most attorneys dabble in them because it is easy money. But just like I wouldn’t hire a wills guy to help me with my personal injury claim, I wouldn’t axe a guy like me for advice on a will. I’ve told my wife til I’m blue in the face that if I get disabled (physically or mentally), just put a pillow over me and do the “One flew over the Cookoo’s Nest routine.” Nothin in writing though.

    An interesting scenario occurred recently: a lawyer who works with a friend of mine in another state called. Turns out her brother had an incident that put him in a coma in Virginia. He left no living will or directive about what he would choose or who should choose for him. His barely adult child was the one who got to decide by law–and was a deadbeat who wanted him dead to get his stuff. They required the hospital to pull the plug. But he lived any way. Now that he is cognizant, I got a durable power of attorney to his live in but unmarried significant other (free, cuz I’m a nice guy–I didn’t prepare it, got it from a buddy) who got him to put his X on it (still too weak and paralyzed). Imagine the family dynamics at the next get together. “Sorry about trying to let you die, Dad…”

  3. John, I prefer this clip to the one you mentioned.

    In no way shape or form would I want to be on death support. You get pushed into this world and I want to die in an instant…

  4. Frankie, I laughed out loud–good thing everybody else is gone for the day (what slackers lawyers are on a Friday…)

  5. Man, I can’t wait till spring, we are going to have some fun hanging out and fishing…

  6. If this cold keeps up we might be able to do what I used to do in Michigan. Go ice fishing! [actually, I hate it now. Too damn cold. Stand around on ice and wait for sluggish fish to bite. ]Never had a shanty like the ones on “Dirty Old Men” or whatever that movie was…

  7. Yeah, I tried it ONCE…that’s some BS indeed. Who the hell would WANT to do that, if your old lady is hating on your THAT much, time for her to swim with the fishes…

  8. OK, so are we going to meet at like SML for a weekend? How fun would that be. I think John might be a little squimish about giving up his identity though. Doesn’t much matter if someone knows who I am…Frank already does and he and I have been threatening to hang out anyway. I warn you all, the husband and I are serious when it comes to fishing. 😉 Don’t they have like a game room there too? I can show you all how the game of pool is played too. I even have my own stick.

  9. Woman, do you not know we have our own table, watch out, we can fish TOO !

  10. What’s up with the sickness from last night Christa…hope you’re feeling better today.

  11. I don’t mind giving up my ID. Megan already knows. Actually, Lake Anna is closer to all of us, and easier to fish. Not as scenic, but not too shabby. I caught some nice stripers there last summer.

  12. I’m in for Anna ! I like the surrounding areas as well.

  13. I’m not hard to get along with. Anna is good.
    Stomach flu I guess Frank. I feel better this morning. Damn good thing I have a wedding to shoot at Fairfax Hall in Waynesboro.

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