MORE dumb science

A new study shows that refusing to sleep with a partner on the first date could be one of the keys to making a successful match.”  [NO SHIT SHERLOCK?]  

“Dr Peter Sozou, from Warwick Medical School and LSE Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science, who helped to construct the model, warned that the strategy was not foolproof.”

“He said: “The strategic problem the female faces is how to screen out bad males, and this is where long courtship comes into play.

“A male is assumed to always want to mate with a female, but a good male is more willing to pay the cost of a long courtship in order to claim the prize of mating.

“The female’s strategy is a compromise – a trade-off between on the one hand the greater risk of mating with a bad male if she mates too quickly, and on the other hand the time cost of delay.”

Don’t put out on the first date. The Cads aren’t worth it, and the good ones will wait. Thank God my daughter didn’t need a geeky scientist to tell her that.

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