What WERE the odds?

From Gambling911: “Ireland’s biggest online bookmaker, Paddy Power, has been raked through the coals for offering a bet on which it will pay out should president-elect Barack Obama be assassinated during his first term in office, write Patrick Griffin and Allison Bray of the Independent.” 

“And people are betting it.  Odds have been slashed from 16-1 yesterday to 12-1 Friday morning.”

Er, I mean what were the odds: ” Bookmaker Paddy Power has withdrawn a controversial bet which would have paid out if new US President Barack Obama was assassinated during his first term in office.

 “The bookmaker had been offering odds of 12-1 that the President-elect would not complete his first term in office for whatever reason, even if he was killed by an assassin.

“The bet prompted a flood of complaints from the DUP and victims campaigner Willie Frazer who called for it to be withdrawn for being in poor taste. Last night the bet was taken off Paddy Power’s website”.

“The bet would have paid out if “Barack Obama did not complete his first term in office”, but is no longer being offered.

“It is understood that the bookmaker will honour existing bets for punters who wagered that Mr Obama would not complete his first four-year term but new clients will be unable to get odds on that eventuality.”  [How about odds on how long before Al Gore starts warning us of the dangers of man-made global cooling?]

Bookies did the same thing with GWB after his second election, and he survived: 

President Bush Will Be Assassinated:
During his current term 80/1
Before the end of 2005 150/1
Following his presidency 50/1

Personally, I think that people need to seek professional help if they are so addicted to gambling that they bet on something like this. Imagine, “Hey Mac, how did you come up with the money to afford that new car?”

P.S.  Now I should probably brace myself for all the liberal weenies who will excoriate me for being a racist  hatemongerer for even making this post.

One response to “What WERE the odds?

  1. 1. No mention of race exists in this particular rant

    2. I love how they are called “punters”

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