“Change” we can believe in

Obama selects queer “point person” for all LGBT issues.  WTF were you idiots thinking who voted for this moron? All the problems in this country, and D’Ohbama’s worried about faggots?

” The Advocate has reported that President-elect Barack Obama selected former Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund executive director Brian Bond to serve as the deputy director of the White House Office of the Public Liaison. Bond led the organization from 1997 to 2003.”

“In his role with the administration, Bond will have managerial and strategic responsibilities for the entire Public Liaison office as well as function as the point person on LGBT issues.”

I’m intentionally not even linking to the queer website where I got this info. Saw the news on Michelle Malkin’s blog.

3 responses to ““Change” we can believe in

  1. That’s cool, Frankie. I had to go listen to Prince Harry talk to get that gay crap out of my head. I’m thinking I like Harry. Seems like a regular bloke.

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