Obama flip-flops. Or lies.

In a span of less than 10 days, PEBO went from publicly opposing the Burriss selection and supporting Harry Reid’s denial of him to privately supporting his selection and pressuring Reid to accept him. Either way, it shows that he is weak.  Now that’s change we can believe in!

Jan. 7, 2009: “A top Senate Democratic source said Obama’s concerns about the Burris situation [Obama wanting to remove a distraction two weeks before his inaugeration] were among several factors that resulted in an about-face by Senate leaders, who had vowed to reject Burris or anyone else named by disgraced Gov. Rod Blagojevich.” (1)

Oh? But didn’t you just take the opposite position in public not 10 days ago? I like to think it was my blog post calling him an Uncle Tom that changed his mind. John Doe forces The Messiah to cave! (3)

“Roland Burris is a good man and a fine public servant, but the Senate Democrats made it clear weeks ago that they cannot accept an appointment made by a governor who is accused of selling this very Senate seat,” Obama said in a statement. “I agree with their decision, and it is extremely disappointing that Governor Blagojevich has chosen to ignore it. I believe the best resolution would be for the Governor to resign his office and allow a lawful and appropriate process of succession to take place. While Governor Blagojevich is entitled to his day in court, the people of Illinois are entitled to a functioning government and major decisions free of taint and controversy.”  (2)

The Messiah can do no wrong.

(1)  http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/chicago/chi-burris-senate-08-jan08,0,4054257.story

(2) http://firstread.msnbc.msn.com/archive/2008/12/30/1728095.aspx

(3)  https://maaadddog.wordpress.com/2009/01/05/president-elect-barack-uncle-tom-obama/

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