President-elect Barack “Uncle Tom” Obama

Wouldn’t you expect the first black President to oppose the Republicans if they tried to prevent the only black U.S. Senator from even being considered for appointment because of his race? Hear me out, you Obamaniacs. This is not just another hate-Obama screed. I fully realize that Obama’s original opposition to the appointment of Blago’s choice of Burris is more consistent with a principled opposition to a corrupt Governor as it is with being an Uncle Tom.  But, correct me if I’m wrong, but it was not public knowledge when he first opposed Burress that Sen Harry Reid–the freakin’ leader of the Dems in the Senate–had called Blago and told him not to select a black man. Not Burris–but any black man or woman. Obama’s original opposition to the Blago selection of Burris was because the entire selection process could not be trusted because of words that Blago had supposedly said. Well now, the entire process cannot be trusted because of what Sen. Harry Reid said. How can we trust that the next person who is selected by whomever does the selecting will not be selected based upon their race. Only whiteys need apply?  Is that why a black governor in New Yawk is seriously considering Princess Kennedy? Did Harry Reid already put the finger on him?

If Barack Obama is not Harry and Nancy’s little house nigger, he should immediately stand up to the little prick from Utah and say that Obama now supports Burris (and opposes the selection of The Princess oh by the way) based upon new information, i.e., that Harry Reid so compromised the entire selection process that anything that Harry Reid opposes must be supported when it regards a person being selected by a Governor to fill a Senate seat. If Harry doesn’t want Burris, Burris should be appointed and approved.  And further, because the little bastard is head of the Senate and because he doesn’t want blacks appointed, then appoint more blacks, and oppose the selection of whites, because the entire selection process is tainted. How can anyone trust that any white selected to any Senate seat is not chosen because of their race?

And Obama, if he has any balls at all, should call upon Reid to resign his position as leader of the Dems in the Senate. I realize that picking fights with the majority leader of the Senate is not a great way to start one’s Presidency. But I and many others have long suspected that Obama will be Harry and Nancy’s little puppet, saying and doing what they want. This would put the fear of God into other Dems who would oppose him in the future, and it is even possible that whoever replaces Reid might be more amenable to Obama’s positions. And even if Reid doesn’t resign, he would be seriously weakened by Obama’s call for him to resign. Any time in the future that he opposes Obama on anything, Obama’s people could put out the word, “Yeah, well of course he opposes Obama’s policies. He has already shown that he opposes all blacks…” 

I know, some of you do-gooder liberals who declare all conservatives to be racists will say that I am just saying all this. Wrong. I seriously believe that what Reid said (I’m assuming it is true because I have seen no denial from Reid–only deafening silence) is as destructive to American politics as is what Blago supposedly said. Assuming arguendo* that he isn’t just a freakin racist who gave himself cover by saying the reason he opposed any black Senator being chosen by Blago is because they could not be rre-elected, imagine what that tells to a large minority of our population, hell even any person who is a member of a minority group? “I can’t be elected, nobody of my race can be elected, it is so hopeless that even the leader of the Dems–MY OWN PARTY–admits that one of our people can’t be elected!”

* I refuse to believe that assumption because it makes no sense that no black can be re-elected as Senator from Illinois because Obama was just elected there 2 years ago. I refuse to believe that Reid is that stupid. If he is, then he should be opposed on the grounds of gross stupidity.  I think this was one white plantation owner Democrat talking to another white plantation owner Democrat who never dreamed that Blago’s people would dare to make what Reid said public. There are some things that good slave masters never repeat in public, and nigger “the N word” ain’t the only thing.

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