And so it begins

Liberals begin the slow process of gradually seeking to get society to aceept sexual relations between siblings.  Don’t hate. Don’t be judgmental. And lo, according to the liberal logic, there can be no principled reason to forbid sibling sex (or incest with adult children). Abortion & birth control eliminate the only liberal reason for legally forbidding it. No other reason can rationally oppose it under the liberal point of view. Because morality isn’t a good enough reason. Coming soon. Similar articles about beastiality, pedophelia (“the little bugger likes it!”).  The article linked to is best read with Marie Osmond’s “It can’t be wrong, when it feeeeeeeeels so right”  playing in the background.

“Strangely enough, Daniel’s wedding day didn’t upset me at all. It was his 30th birthday six months later which really got to me, as he stood there with his wife Alison while they greeted the guests. I can honestly say that that was the only time when I felt real envy and wished desperately that it was me standing beside him, arms round each other as we showed the world how much we loved each other.

“It’s not as if I’m not allowed to love Daniel, but the way we feel about each other isn’t something that we can share easily with anyone else. Daniel is my brother, but since I was 14 we’ve had a sexual relationship – and that’s not something that many people would feel comfortable with.”…. [but Daniel, you, you LIIIIIIIIIIIIGT up my life!!!!]

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