Perhaps I’ve been too hard on Princess Caroline?

I admit that I find her attractive, in my a-good-proportion-of-Irish-blood-in-me sort of way. And I do admire how she brought up her children in a most un-Kennedy sorta way.  And she did help to derail Hillary’s campaign. Egads. Imagine if a Clinton had won. Rahm Emanuel might be Chief of Staff…

“Lady Caroline had everything going for her, niceness, politeness, pleasantness, one might even say wholesomeness. Despite the tragic loss of her parents and brother, she kept her head up and never played the victim. She remains married to her only husband, their children having been raised without any hint of scandal. Single-handedly she deprived Hillary Clinton of the U.S. presidency.”  (1)

Yeah, heckwho cares about a republican form of democracy. Aristocracy and socialism baby! 


One response to “Perhaps I’ve been too hard on Princess Caroline?

  1. Here, here. I love it!

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