Daily Archives: December 31, 2008

Here is a sweet video of the take out of a couple of terrorist rockets

And of one that got away. Only a minute long. Continue reading

Liberals still attacking the names of Palin’s children

whos-the-retard-nowNow they are attacking what her grandson’s name is. How about I write a comment on what idiotic names the Obamas chose for their daughters. Sasha and Malia? Sounds like what some zoo might name a couple of baby elephants given to it by an african country. He he. What a comic I am. Not!  Why then do liberal idiots persist in thinking it is funny to attack Sarah Palin’s kids? Continue reading

WTF is a “RightyBlog”?

commie20libWhatever it is, “The Valley Progress” is not one. Throw that communist blogger out, or change the name from “RightyBlog” to “Anyold-blogwilldo.”  The Valley Progress is not a “RightyBlog”! To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, “Mr. Mastio (the Editor), tear down that blog!”

Iseman v. New York Times

Some initial thoughts about this case from a lawyer.  First, many do not have any clue what a huge investment in time, money and resources this case will have on the law firm representing the plaintiff.  Thousands of hours will be spent–working for free. The NYTs will not roll over and play dead. And while the NYT’s attorneys are being paid a king’s ransom to defend The Grey Lady, the plaintiff’s lawyers are working for free. This is a classic case where the plaintiff could not afford to sue to clear her name if we did not have the contingency fee system. Granted, her attorneys could become rich. If they win. And the case is not set aside on appeal. In several years. After literally risking millions of dollars worth of their time and money.  Or they could get nothing. Continue reading

Anti-Israeli goons: What are the protesters thinking?

I’m serious. I’d like somebody to try to explain and I’ll remain civil if you make a serious attempt. As Professor Alan Dershowitz explains, there are basically three positions: Hamas and Iran see the terrorist attacks as legit, and Israel’s response as war crimes. Russia, the U.N., Europe etc. see a “moral equivalence” between deliberate attacks on civilians and counter-attacks to stop those attacks. And some place the blame squarely on Israel. (1)

What would America do? Let’s say that terrorists took over an island in the Bahamas and lobbed missiles at Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. But the missiles were lobbed from heavily populated areas. Would America strike back and obliterate those missile launch cites? You betcha. Continue reading