Daily Archives: December 13, 2008

Old pictures of me

Some of these might be before color photography was in regular use! Continue reading

Make this required watching in our schools

One 4 minute speech can un-do hours of indoctrination by idiot teachers such as Jeremy Aldrich.

I’m Pro-Union but…

NOT pro-greedy idiot.  Look, if the union is forcing a company to go bankrupt, the union has to stop being controlled by such  greedy idiots. Sorry, the rest of the world doesn’t earn $60 an hour in salary and benefits to make cars, so you have to charge less. You can’t change the world and force the rest of the world to charge that much. If you want $60 an hour to make cars, then make better cars, or make them more efficiently, than the ones who are getting paid less.  I don’t want unions “busted” I want them to wise up!  The UAW will likely get it’s bailout from the Dems. Let’s hope that doesn’t just embolden them to keep re-arranging the chairs on the Titanic as it slips into the deep blue sea… Continue reading