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White evangelicals are troglodytes, and other nasty things brought to you by “moderate Republicans”

This is for all the seths and the “moderates” of the Republican party who trash “white evangelicals.”  They are the last group that it is acceptable to demonize. Read it if you dare.

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I agree with something Michael Moore wrote! I feel the need to rush home, take all my clothes off and burn them, and take a bath in water so hot it burns my skin off! Continue reading




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I AM AN “UNHINGED CULTURAL WARRIOR” and an “Obama Hater” AND a racist!

jesusobamaTwo good articles discuss the issue of how and whether we should unite behind Obama, or oppose his every misstep.

One, written by “a middle of the road Seth-type of Republican”

(copyrighted  phrase by me, just now) says this about the left and the right who aren’t bowing down and worshipping the Mess I uh, uh:

“This is the Obama resistance. They are the hardcore haters, the unhinged, the paranoid—firing their shots from the outer-reaches of American politics and strafing the common sense center.”  [JD’s note: A good indicator that someone considers themself a moderate is when they use the phrase “the common sense center”] Continue reading

How do ya’ll like my photo at the top of the blog?

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This short column speaks volumes about GWB

And the Left. And the media. And US citizens, many who are too stupid to vote… Continue reading