Daily Archives: December 3, 2008

Why are the anti-Prop 8 monkeys protesting Mormons?

Divide and conquer. And, its much easier than protesting Obama and Biden, who also favored Prop 8.

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Who dint see this comin?

“Victim’s kin file suit in Wal-Mart stampede death”–but just so you know, “victim’s kin” could not sue Wal-Mart in Virginia, period, end of story. Continue reading

BWAHAHAHA! India to use truth serum on the little bastard who was caught

Our civil liberty quacks would be having a kiniption conniption fit [don’t know what that is, but my mother always used to say it]. Torture the little bastard!


Invading Iraq was a good thing

For the sake of argument, I’ll even concede that liberals’ worst fears are correct: GWB had a Father/Son thing going on, and wanted to punish Saddam for trying to kill Papa. And Cheney was the evil genius who manipulated the Puppet President into going to war for Haliburton and for his oil buddies. Invading STILL saved American lives. Continue reading

Excellent analysis about why Saxby Chambliss’ win means Franken loses

Basically, Franken is losing the recount and has threatened to take his case directly to the Senate. But Chamliss gives the Pubs enough to filibuster and Continue reading

This one is for “Nader” if he’s out there! Chemtrails vs. Contrails

“Nader” believes in every EVERY alleged Government conspiracy that has ever come along. Hey, just because he’s paranoid doesn’t mean he’s wrong all the time! Basically, the theory is that the Government is playing with the weather,  Continue reading

Near Death Experiences: Anybody have any to share?

 I’ve been friends with two people who experienced “near death experiences” and lived to tell of them. And I’ve had two of my own, sorta. Continue reading