Daily Archives: November 27, 2008

OH, how I wish I was eloquent enough to have penned these words

Talking about the dorks who disagreed with children dressing up like Pilgrims and Indians for Thanksgiving:

“These people do outrage like gorillas do hostility displays. Hoot a lot, punch the ground, puff out your chest, bare your fangs. Dance about like a retarded monkey. Continue reading

TORTURE: NOW is the time to discuss whether and if so when

Terrorists plotted and are now fighting door to door. India has caught a couple. Wouldn’t it be appropriate to find out who all is with them, and what else is planned? How far are you willing to go to prevent more deaths? I’m willing to do whatever is necessary. It’s one thing to talk all high-minded in the abstract. Now, the rubber is meeting the road.¬†Screw the ACLU and fairy girly-men types.

More memories of Thanksgiving

My WORST Thanksgiving was also during law school–the first year. It began the summer before I entered law school. Continue reading

Some of my Thanksgiving memories

The BEST times that I can remember were during law school. My wife and I were each more than a dozen hours drive away from our collective homes (which were in opposite directions). Continue reading