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Dumbass evangelical voters cost us the election?

This is MY OWN political analysis of what went wrong. And I consider myself one of those evangelical voters. First premise: to win the Presidency, Pub candidates have to run to the right during the primaries, and run (“tack” as it has euphemistically been called) towards the center during the general election. And Dems have to do likewise. Doing so gets you nominated, which is the second most important aspect of winning the Presidency. Winning is first, for you liberals. The supposed reason is that those most likely to vote in the primaries are the zealots on the extremes, not the mealy-mouthed “not sure” voters in the center of each party. Prime examples during primary runs?  Obama ran to the left of Hitlery. Bush in 2000 ran to the right of McCain. Reagan ran to the right of GWB’s pappy. Continue reading

Eric Holder, Obama’s choice for Attorney General, agrees with me!

He said back in 2002 at least that Muslim extremists captured on the battle field are NOT subject to the Geneva Convention. He’s correct, imho, as they are out of uniform and their countries are not signatories to the treaty. With a treaty, it takes two to tango. Unless he has changed his view, his position is directly at odds with Obama’s (and the rest of you liberal cretins’) view.

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Is this too harsh on the Little Darlings? The makers of the video apparently think so.