Daily Archives: November 24, 2008

Bruce Lee playing ping pong with numb chucks. I want it to be true. I hope it is true. One minute of your time. Is it true?

Does anything seem hard to believe about this woman’s story?

Woman claims she didn’t know she was giving birth while sitting on the john. Thought the pain was just due to diarhea. Didn’t realize had given birth until she flushed, and lo and behold, a foot was still visible. So she pulled the baby out (presumably by the foot) and tried unsuccessfully to revive it. Then she stuck it in the trunk of her car. I guess Obama would say she should have just had an abortion. Now, she gets punished for being too stupid/cheap to just go have the little bastard aborted.

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Citibank’s stock is up 58% TODAY

Anyone who bought shares of the stock Friday earned 58% on each of their dollars. In three days. Because the Government bailed them out. With your money. And mine. I sure didn’t make 58% on my money today. You ok with that?  p.s. George buddy, can you bail ME out?


I am Mormon

FIRST, the queers and the queer lovers came for the Mormons. And nobody stood up to defend them…

….”The outbreak of attacks on the Mormon church since the passage of Proposition 8 has been chilling: envelopes full of suspicious white powder were sent to church headquarters in Salt Lake City; protesters showed up en masse to intimidate Mormon small-business owners who supported the measure; a website was created to identify and shame members of the church who backed it; activists are targeting the relatives of prominent Mormons who gave money to pass it, as well as other Mormons who are only tangentially associated with the cause; some have even called for a boycott of the entire state of Utah.”
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Bush is acting like an Emperor.

Who died and gave him authority to bail out Citibank? Where the HELL is Congress? And if Bush has this authority, God help us when Obama comes into office. Continue reading

Obama acting like a godless heathen? WHO didn’t see this coming!?

bumper-sticker-caution-godless-liberal_th1He went to Rev Wright’s racist church to get a base from which to run for state office. Once it became a political liability he quit. He’s a freaking liberal. You didn’t really think he believed all that biblical stuff. You did? HAD! Continue reading