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It’s allllllllll about Hillary

hildabitch27khShe thinks she is a Goddess. For those¬†too young or senile to remember, she refused to allow staffers in the White House to even look at her as she passed them in the halls. She is disenchanted by the Senate because they don’t treat her like the proper royalty that she thinks she is. She is low in seniority and doesn’t get to jump ahead of Continue reading

Team Obama ALREADY moving to lower expectations on economy

jesusobamaWhy, I thought he would usher in Utopia within weeks of his inauguration. But seriously, they know what their idiot voters don’t know: the President doesn’t run the economy, the President is more like a tick on the hind end of the elephant/economy. By tempering expectations, all his little socialistic programs that might adversely effect the economy Continue reading

This WaPo writer needs to buy a clue

[he lists the top 10 up and comers for Republican Presidential Nominee in 4 years, but omits Palin.] “The most notable omission is that of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. While we Continue reading

Too funny

“The Summer Camp Letters of U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson” Continue reading

A short, concise explanation of how the surge worked in Iraq, and could in Afghanistan too.

By Cliff May: “A subtle and often misunderstood point: The war in Iraq was not turned around by “surging” more troops into the country to do more of the same. Rather, the key was transitioning to counterinsurgency – COIN – a form of warfare that requires many boots on the ground.” Continue reading

Did we lose because of “social issues”?

David Limbaugh makes the case that we didn’t. Continue reading

Whoa! New guy John Hawkins writes some REAL GOOD STUFF!!!!

I’ve never even noticed this guy before, but I like him a LOT. Continue reading

I hate agreeing with Pat Buchanan

jalopy1I used to admire him. Now I can’t stand him. He is just a nasty high-pitched whiner. But yesterday on PMSNBC he made some good points about protectionism against some foil from the Heritage Foundation. Continue reading

I don’t believe that this was the biggest blunder the McCain campaign made

Here’s what a McCain adviser said was the biggest mistake. Continue reading

Conservatives need to take back education

Conservatives go out and build things and run things. Liberals take over things that conservatives built and turn them into propaganda machines. Continue reading