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Republitarian is back. but is he sane?

As a devoted fan, I can say this: First, the new format sucks. Don’t mess with success!  Second, agreed–your readers are even more mentally unbalanced.  Third, ain’t it great!!?

p.s. love the photo of you on the four wheeler [you freak].


The problem the world has with Sarah Palin and her Christianity is that she actually believes it

When God tells her something in the Bible, she believes it. But more importantly, she acts upon it. Continue reading

“Don’t compare your sin to my skin”

Blacks don’t buy this hogwash that gay marriage is the same as the civil rights movement. Homosexuality is a choice. Being born black is not a choice. Homosexuals have fought for the right to be left alone to commit their preferred form of immorality in private. But that isn’t good enough for them–they want to force the rest of us to accept their immorality as being “normal” and to force us to treat their actions as being not immoral, based upon the argument that being gay is an immutable trait the same as having black skin is.  Blacks ain’t buying it. Blacks voted overwhelmingly in favor of Prop 8 in California, despite their overwhelming support for Obama.

Why is this important? THIS IS WHERE THE BATTLE IS. If you are brave, and claim that you oppose evil where ever you find it, but refuse to actually fight it when you find it, you are not doing your duty. It is like a soldier proclaiming to loyally support his country and defend it against all invaders. And then surrendering as soon as some army invades his country. No, sometimes “we can’t all just get along.” Either we stand up to their immorality, or they force their immorality down our throats. They aren’t looking to compromise. Already in Canada [and Sweden, I believe] it is illegal hate-speech to even point out what the Bible says about homosexuality. THAT’S where they are fighting to take us. Stand up to them now or forever lose the right to stand up.

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I had a dream last night

I remember somebody quoting something to me. The quote was clear as a bell when I was startled awake. As so often happens, it was quickly forgotten. I can’t remember who was doing the quoting, who they were quoting, or the exact quote. But it is still bothering me, whether I was remembering some actual quote that someone really made, or my brain came up with some profound quote on my own (I seriously doubt the latter). Any help is appreciated if any recognize it. It went something like this: “As so and so said/wrote, ‘It is not necessary to destroy a country directly, just destroy the foundations upon which the country is built.'” Or something like that.

Meh. Megan the trend-setter.

bart_homer_simpsonAlmost single-handedly, thanks to the powerful influence of her trend-setting blog, Megan powered an expression that she made famous into the dictionary. About time. Continue reading