Virginia Supreme Court to parents: NOBODY is responsible for your children’s welfare

A Principal of a high school who knows for weeks that one of her students was seen with a knife at school and was heard making death threats against another student has no legal duty to warn the parents of the threatened student.  The first inkling the parents had that their child was in danger was when they learned that he had been fatally stabbed by the fellow student. The little murderer was jailed but the parents sued the Principal to force her and other school officials accross the Commonwealth to warn parents when their children are in danger. But a Richmond Circuit Court judge dismissed the lawsuit on the basis that a Principal owes no legal duty to warn parents of threats to the life of their children. And the Virginia Supreme Court refused to overrule the judge.

Would you want to know if your child’s life was in danger? As a lawyer, I’m not supposed to criticize that assinine decision. The Supreme Court doesn’t like to be criticized by lawyers. It brings disrepute to the high-and-mighty Justices. But I don’t care. Nobody reads my blog any way, and I am mad enough to spit. This decision makes me want to vandalize their cars [ooooh, big man, take it out on their volvos…] or do some other juvenile act. I wonder how they would like it if somebody threatened their children or grandchildren at school…NO, I would never threaten any child, for those of you who don’t know me. But how would they respond if this had happened to their own child? A reason we have laws is so that people don’t take the law into their own hands. The killer was punished, but the Principal who allowed this to happen suffered no adverse consequences.

2 responses to “Virginia Supreme Court to parents: NOBODY is responsible for your children’s welfare

  1. Thanks, Phil, that means a lot. I read yours too! But I must say, the red letters that you switched to are a distraction. And it is hard to carry on a conversation on your blog, as the comments must all be approved by you before they appear. Not criticism, I’m just sayin…

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