I could be bi-partisan right now

I HOPE Obama is a good President. We need one. I hope all those who hyped him, and hoped in him, were right and that I was wrong. I hope those who secretly believe that he was just talking when he exhibited all those socialistic tendencies are correct, and that he will really govern from the center. I  hope he really will stiff those fringe-far leftists who got him the nomination. I hope his swing to the left of Hillary was just because he was a pragmatist, and he knew that he had to position himself to the left of her or he would never have gotten the nomination. I hope his swing back towards the center was evidence that he is just a good politician, like Bubba was, who will say anything in order to get elected, but then not do anything too rash. I hope he’s not already calling Rev Wright to have him lead the innaugral prayer. I hope that hundreds, thousands or even millions of us aren’t killed by terrorists because he is soft and inexperienced. I hope that in four years the fringe kooks on dailykos and HuffingtonPost will be whining about how they were let down, deceived and used by Obama. But I doubt it. I think he is a chronological liar, and that his true self was the socialist and racist and radical which peeped through occasionally. I hope he isn’t really a racist; this country has been through enough. This is one case I will gladly admit it if I am wrong. But I think he will be a willing pawn of the far left, bitch slapped continually by Pelosi and Reid into doing everything the far left has ever dreamed of doing. It could get interesting.

2 responses to “I could be bi-partisan right now

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