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ALL the world loves us! Socialists everywhere are happy with us! Muslims love us! Communists love us! Put daisys in the guns, send our troops back to college.  Life is perfect, thanks to Obama the Mess I uh, uh, uh. OooooOOOoooooOOOoooooohm! Ooooohm!! OBAMAhhhhhHHhhhhhOOoooooohmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!

Sarah Palin, the imperfect candidate

MCCain Veepstakes PalinFirst, the bad: She does act like a beauty queen. She bobs her head when she talks, like a bobble head (albeit a beautiful one). She has some extreme views, and may be unelectable because of her high negative ratings. Maybe she isn’t a “Constitutional scholar” but at least she isn’t an un-American Constitutional scholar like Obama. She does seem too much like a cheerleader. She would make me nervous being our President.

But SHE FIGHTS. Abraham Lincoln supposedly said that about Gen. Grant. People complained that he drank too much bourban. Lincoln supposedly quipped something like: “Find out what he drinks, I’d like to send some of that to all my generals.” She stands up to the godless heathen and the liberals. She says what so many of us wish our elected officials would say. The Dems elect fighters, the Pubs elect pussies who just want to get along. I’d vote for her for Governor any day. I’d vote for her for Senator or Congresswoman any day. With a few more years of seasoning, I might consider her for President. I reject these hoity-toity know-it-alls who think somebody must be an Ivy league educated blue-blooded Washington insider to run this country. She has more balls than almost any Republican or Democrat elected official that I can think of. No wonder the Dems savagely attacked her. She has the power to galvanize the good people of this country and to lead them back into the fight. So long we have been without somebody who would fight for us. Rush and Hannity et al have large followings BECAUSE they say what we think. But they aren’t political leaders. We have a place for her somewhere.

I hope this fight hasn’t discouraged her. Imagine being in her place: hugely popular Governor of some obscure state, who didn’t go looking for a fight. Suddenly, some old geezer selects her as his Veep, and all hell breaks lose. The Jeremy Aldrichs of the world begin lying and spewing venom non-stop against not just her but her family and her church. She would be justified in just dropping off the face of the earth after such treatment. But I hope she doesn’t.

I have new-found respect for McCain

sinking_shipHe never quit. He fought to the bitter end. He picked the only woman who could have energized his base the way it was. He turned people like me, who have despised him, into fervent supporters. Ok, so maybe we clung to him like he was a life-boat after our main ship had sunk. And only because the wind-swept ocean was Obama trying to drown us.  And he kept it close. I think he fundamentally does not understand Presidential politics, and he never had a chance to win. Unless the Democrats somehow nominated a racist, inexperienced radical with socialist ties. 

But in the end, the economy and the unpopular war, and the hate and vitriol of the left, and the backing of the media, were too much. Especially after the economic meltdown. For him to even come close was a minor miracle brought to us by the dems in nominating a bad candidate.  He fought valiantly. Now I hope he retires and is never heard from again. Like the navy guy he is, let him go down with the ship. Continue reading

I could be bi-partisan right now

I HOPE Obama is a good President. We need one. I hope all those who hyped him, and hoped in him, were right and that I was wrong. I hope those who secretly believe that he was just talking when he exhibited all those socialistic tendencies are correct, and that he will really govern from the center. I  hope he really will stiff those fringe-far leftists who got him the nomination. I hope his swing to the left of Hillary was just because he was a pragmatist, and he knew that he had to position himself to the left of her or he would never have gotten the nomination. I hope his swing back towards the center was evidence that he is just a good politician, like Bubba was, who will say anything in order to get elected, but then not do anything too rash. I hope he’s not already calling Rev Wright to have him lead the innaugral prayer. I hope that hundreds, thousands or even millions of us aren’t killed by terrorists because he is soft and inexperienced. I hope that in four years the fringe kooks on dailykos and HuffingtonPost will be whining about how they were let down, deceived and used by Obama. But I doubt it. I think he is a chronological liar, and that his true self was the socialist and racist and radical which peeped through occasionally. I hope he isn’t really a racist; this country has been through enough. This is one case I will gladly admit it if I am wrong. But I think he will be a willing pawn of the far left, bitch slapped continually by Pelosi and Reid into doing everything the far left has ever dreamed of doing. It could get interesting.

The treatment of Bush HAS been a disgrace

I’m sure that the lefties would not be gracious in defeat. They attacked Bush relentlessly for 8 years. They attacked Palin relentlessly for weeks. At least she will be spared 4 years of their animalistic attacks.


I can’t say it any better than this

From The Redstate:

“One of the most unambiguous conclusions from Obama’s victory? Karl Rove was right.

“For the past 8 years, we’ve had a debate over the best political strategy for approaching a national election. There were, in essence, two contending theories.

“Karl Rove’s theory – one he perhaps never explicitly articulated, but which was evident in the approach to multiple elections, votes in Congress, and even international coalitions run by his boss, George W. Bush – was, essentially, that you win with your base. You start with the base, you expand it as much as possible by increasing turnout, and then you work outward until you get past 50% – but you don’t compromise more than necessary to get to that goal.

“Standing in opposition to the Rove theory was what one might call the Beltway Pundit theory, since that’s who were the chief proponents of the theory. The Beltway Pundit theory was, in essence, that America has a great untapped middle, a center that resists ideology and partisanship and would respond to a candidate who could present himself as having a base in the middle of the electorate.

“Tonight, we had a classic test of those theories. Barack Obama is nothing if not the pure incarnation on the left of the Rovian theory. He ran in the Democratic primaries as the candidate of the ‘Democratic wing of the Democratic Party.’ His record was pure left-wing all the way. He seems to have brought out a large number of new base voters, in particular African-Americans responding to his racial appeals and voting straight-ticket D. As I’ll discuss in a subsequent post, the process of getting to 50.1% for a figure of the left is more complex and involves more concerted efforts at concealment and dissimulation, but the basic elements of the Rovian strategy are all there….


John Doe’s comment: I know dipshits like seth will never agree with this article. But dipshits like seth aren’t really Pubs, they are fair-weather Pubs. Support the party only when their favorite is nominated. They got the most liberal Pub running during the primaries and that STILL wasn’t good enough for them. Perhaps if we had run Barry Goldwater himself, up from the grave, then they would have supported the GOP nominee? I doubt it.