Daily Archives: November 4, 2008

Right now is the worst. Waiting. No news. Dems trying to steal the election. ARrrrgggh!

I’d settle for a few exit polls that are skewed in favor of Obama by some lying little twerps who throw out all the pro-McCain polls. I NEED NEWS!

Jim Moran lets us see up under Obama’s skirt

It isn’t a pretty sight! These creeps think they are entitled to redistribute wealth.

Don’t take my word that Obama is a liar

Take Obama’s word.  The ad that never was:

pinochi-obama“My friends, I’m John McCain. Back in 2002, I fought hard to limit the amount of money in politics. I thought it was corrosive and anti-democratic. Public financing of campaigns has long been a Democratic rallying cry, and I crossed the aisle to work with my colleague, Senator Russ Feingold, to pass legislation limiting the amount of money being pumped into campaigns. Nothing I have done has damaged me more with the base of my own party, but I thought it was the right thing to do, so I did it.”

“During the primaries, both Senator Obama and I agreed to make this campaign about issues and not about money, and I was proud and pleased when he joined me in a pledge to accept public financing for the general election.”

“However, back in June, Senator Obama renounced that pledge. Once it became clear that he could raise more money by breaking his promise – not just to me, and to America, but to the Democratic Party ideal they have fought for for so long – once he realized he could raise more money by breaking that promise, he broke it.”

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I took the exit poll

My entire family wanted to do it, but the young bored punk sitting there said only one per family. I don’t remember all the questions, but I had the definite impression it was made up by liberals. It had the old standard, something like “Do you agree or disagree with the direction this country is going?” [I STRONGLY disagree, but not for the reasons you pompous liberals think!] And “do you agree with the job George W. Bush has done?” [No, but again, not for the reasons you think. He’s been too liberal. He’s been non-existent in the war against liberals.] “How do you feel about the war in Iraq? Strongly agree, agree, disagree, strongly disagree?” [STRONGLY agree you freaking liberal faggots!] “Why did you choose the candidate for President whom you voted for? Shares your values, view of economy, view of taxes, character? etc.” [I can’t recall exact wording or answers]. But I did appreciate: “Is Obama qualified to be President? Is McCain qualified?” [NOOOOOOOOOOOO! YES!]

I almost wanted to slap the young pollster. Just on the off chance that he was a liberal. Yeah, I do hope there is rioting, real close to my house. I’m in a fighting mood. Continue reading

If Obama wins, are we even? Can we not vote for the inexperienced racist socialist and not be called a racist?

2414933654_4bdf347452I am ashamed to be an American right now. The fact that this man, Obama, could conceivably win the nomination almost makes me want to cry. This is a bad dream from high school. Most popular kid wins. Guy with most signs in school hall way wins. Guy who hangs out in most popular crowd wins. I’d venture that a large majority of his supporters are mindless robots with no idea of what he stands for, or what he has done to deserve being the next President. I wouldn’t mind losing to a qualified Democrat who wasn’t an extremist. (Although, truthfully, I can’t think of any besides Bubba who aren’t extremists. Mebbe that Senator from Indiana, Byah what’s his name). But Obama is so far off the map to the left as to be freakin’ unelectable if he was white, or if he didn’t read a teleprompter so well. He is a liar. He has so many people snowed as to what he really wants. I am scared. If America is dumb enough to elect this jerk, they are dumb enough to elect the next Hitler or Stalin, so long as they speak well and attend Harvard on an affirmative action scholarship.

Anybody use any good search engines besides Google or Yahoo?

I used to use “Ask Jeeves” and really liked it. Haven’t in about 5 years. Dunno if it even still exists. But I distrust anything that is too big, and I think Google is. I’m gonna make a switch and would appreciate any tips.

I voted

Got up at 5:40, spent 5 mins getting ready, and rushed to the polls. Got there 10 mins early, and was a long line snaking around the building. Spent 20-30 mins in line. I never saw it so packed out. Don’t know if that is good or bad. I’ll go back after the crowds thin out to vote again.

UPDATE: Some young punk in a suit was walking around acting officious, saying “If you have any problems voting, come see me. I’ll be under the white tent.” Finally, another guy asked, “who are you?” He replied that he was with the election protection something or other. And that he was a lawyer. Whooptedo. It almost seemed like he was hoping somebody would have a problem so he could act like a big shot. Some unfortunate precinct somewhere probably has a short fat balding Lowell-type walking around doing the same thing.