Daily Archives: November 2, 2008


You: a racist who is not planning to vote.

Me: a guy who thinks this country will be worse off if Obama is elected

This comment is for you! Perhaps you won’t vote, but Oprah and her followers will.

You might decide to sit out the election, but Sharpton and his followers won’t.

You might be too busy to vote for McCain, but 85-90% of blacks will vote for Obama.

Get your lazy racist scum of the earth butt out there and vote for McCain. Why? Because it is best for America. Is McCain perfect? NO! Is Obama evil, or bad, or would he be a rotten President? Nope. Obama is a liberal. That’s my agenda. I don’t want some liberal partisan hack from the Chicago political machine to run this great country. Will he ruin it? Nah. It would take more than one man to ruin this country, but we will be worse off with him as Obama as President, in my opinion. So vote. Everybody who is not a racist hates you, and ignores  you, so I am reaching out to you and asking you to vote for John McCain for President.


After you read this comment, please, do not come  here again. We are not skinheads or racists. You are not welcome here. Go die, for all I am concerned, immediately after you vote. But I’ll take your vote. I’ll take any vote for McCain. And this from a guy who did not support him in the primaries. Obama is that bad, in my opinion.


To our liberal and Democrat friends and readers: Shut up. Don’t even complain about this comment. I heard NOTHING from the Mainstream Media, NOTHING from Obama’s campaign, NOTHING from the left-wing kook fringe blog sites when blacks were voting overwhelmingly for Obama over Hillary. Democrats are actively promoting the “Get out the vote” amongst blacks. The democrats have embraced racism. They own it.


Heh. Sometimes you just can’t improve on perfection!

I’m gonna have to claim credit for putting The Mud Pit in the BNN most influential blog top 20

The Mud Pit, aka Sunversuswind, was 3rd when I left, and 4th the week before. They have now sunk out of the top 20 the very next week after I left. Astute readers can draw their own conclusions. Now everybody is nice at Megan’s blog, and she’s still ELIGIBLE TO BE on the Hburg bloganator. That’s something at least.