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Any liberal bloggers out there who want to blog with me?

I hate how all blogs seem to be echo chambers for either the conservative/liberal,  or republican/democrat points of view, and how all blogs seem to devolve into “yeah, me too” comments to the blogs. I think shows such as Hannity and Colmes work better than the Keith Olberman Show or the O’Reilly Factor. I needs me an Alan Colmes (hopefully, one who is better lookin than Colmes). If yer man enough, or woman enough, let me know.  No political correctness need apply, I’m thinking more of the SNL variety of liberals, who can make fun of anything or anybody.

Can Megan & Right Field keep it up?

I hope so. We were 4th and 3rd on Most Influential Blogs on BlogNetNews when I left. But those two, while more moderate and less hot-headed than I am, and, frankly, much more likeable, too, do not post as much and as often as I do. We’ll see if they can fill my big shoes, I said, trying to egg them on to stay successful. 😉


[The Pussy Democrats that was banned on Sunversuswind. Well, sorta, Megan axed me nicely to take it down.]


THIS is how they work. Somebody yelled something during a Palin speech. At first, I listened to it on a liberal site, and they sounded like they were saying “And he’s a Nigger!” Palin then studdered as though it threw her off too. And suddenly, to liberals, it proved Palin was a racist and her rallies were meetings of the local KKK. Liberal panties were SOOOOO twisted in knots [like Lowell’s always are!].

 But they were just wrong. That’s NOT what the person yelled. Listen to following slowed down version.


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Obama-nigger made the Big Time!

You know youse impotent when you gets mentioned in da Urban Dictionary! [I can almost hear liberals whiiiiiiiiining about my post. If any ever read them.]

1.  so called sand nigger running for president who declares to be a christian under the Rev. Wright views.

One of many raciest black churches was visited by the obama-nigger who refused to wear a lapel pin on his fried chicken covered Sunday suit.
2. A term used by small minded individuals who are controlled by the Republican fear machine to describe a man who represents real positive change in the government of this country.

McCain: I hear that obama-nigger is still polling better than me
Hillary: Yeah, but don’t worry, it’s not because of your OLD BALLS

I got a crush

No, not on Obama. On Elizabeth Hasselback! All those jokers she has to put up on The View. And apparently, all those death threats.  But SHE’S HOT. And she seems pretty smart too. Continue reading

NEVER forget this: Liberals lie


Clinton Secretary of State Madeleine Albright > February 1, 1998″We must stop Saddam from ever again jeopardizing the stability and the security of his neighbors with weapons of mass destruction.”

President Bill Clinton > February 4, 1998“One way or the other, we are determined to deny Iraq the capacity to develop weapons of mass destruction and the missiles to deliver them. That is our bottom line.”

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SMASH MOUTH POLITICS taken to a higher level!

Cops: Ohio man fired at teens who vandalized his McCain lawn signs

OCTOBER 28–Angered that two neighborhood teenagers knocked over a John McCain sign on his lawn, an Ohio man allegedly grabbed a rifle and fired three times at the duo as they sought to drive away from his Warren Township home. Kenneth Rowles, 50, was charged with felonious assault in connection with the Saturday afternoon incident, which resulted in one boy suffering a minor bullet wound. According to a Warren Township Police Department report, Patrick Wise, 16, yelled, “This is for Obama” as he knocked over the McCain sign. Wise’s cousin, Kyree Flowers, 17, was waiting in the passenger seat of the SUV, which was struck by three bullets fired by Rowles. One bullet hit Flowers in the arm, while another shattered the passenger’s and driver’s side windows. Rowles, pictured in the above mug shot, claimed in a police interview that he “shot three times attempting to scare the subjects.” Shortly after the October 25 confrontation, Rowles called police to complain about two instances in which his McCain signs had been vandalized, but never bothered to mention that he had, minutes earlier, fired at a vehicle carrying Wise and Flowers. As Officer Daniel Peterson was getting into his squad car to leave, Rowles stopped him to ask about a new Ohio law allowing homeowners to protect their property. “I told him that it would be stupid for someone to get shot or injured over an election sign and he agreed,” Peterson wrote in his report, which you’ll find below. Police seized 11 long guns and four pistols from Rowles’s home, and recovered two spent .22-caliber shell casings from his driveway. If convicted of the assault charge, Rowles faces up to eight years in prison. http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/years/2008/1028081mccain1.html

[Although personally I would prefer a bigger caliber rifle if I were vandal huntin! 😉 JD]